Company Profile

Who we are: “Industrial three wastes”comprehensive business - jiangsu yiyu environmental protection technology co., LTD.

Our advantage: Focus on the “industrial three wastes” industry 10+ yearssenior engineers30+all kinds of small experiments 300+/yearEnvironmental protection projects 100+, invention patents 10+, Patents for utility model 30+

Our core business: Industrial waste comprehensive treatment, the first concentrated wastewater treatment operations, environmental protection trusteeship operations

Our core products: “Customized” eco-friendly biological agents, “Zero-leakage” RTO, “Salt and fluorine-resistant” rotary kilns

Our service model: Engineering Package (including EPC, EPCO, Boo, etc.) , Environmental protection equipment processing, product sales, environmental trusteeship operation

Our characteristics: R & D, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, engineering commissioning and EPCM, operating services as one

    At present, the company has more than ten invention patents, more than twenty utility model patents, five registered environmental engineers, three senior engineers, and more than ten junior and intermediate engineers. It also has more than ten environmental protection qualifications (ISO19001/18001/45001, General Contracting Qualification Level III, Operation Qualification Level B, Design Qualification Level B, Governance Qualification Level A, and Credit Level 3A).
    The company currently has more than 60 employees, including 2 doctoral students, more than 10 master's or above students, and more than 30 undergraduate students. It has established long-term cooperation with multiple universities such as Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Technology, and Harbin University of Technology. The company has a municipal engineering technology research center, an independent research and development building of over 1000 square meters, and a modern standard factory building of over 10000 square meters. The technical center consists of a design center, an engineering center, and a research and development center. The R&D center consists of an experimental center, an analysis and testing center, a physical and chemical research institute, a microbiological research institute, and a pilot plant. Equipped with first-class large-scale detection instruments and equipment, it can conduct trace and complete analysis of pollutants, and has simulated operating conditions such as physicochemical, biochemical, and advanced treatment. A market pattern of "three wastes" treatment covering pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and fine chemicals has been formed, and project services are distributed throughout the country.
    The company always takes technology as the main body, industry as the foundation, products as the foundation, and the market as the focus. Adhering to the concept of "integrity based, professional perfection, innovation oriented, and win-win development", it flourishes in the fertile soil of environmental protection.