HEM composite strain
Product Overview

    HEM composite microbial agents belong to the field of environmental governance. They are based on interdisciplinary theories such as environmental science, microbiology, and microbial ecology, with the aim of monitoring, improving environmental conditions, and enhancing the stability and efficiency of biological treatment systems. They are produced by screening dominant strains from the natural world, mutation treated strains, or efficient strains through gene combination technology, Highly efficient bioactive products with special functions made using advanced biotechnology and special production processes. This product is a microbial technology introduced, digested, absorbed, and integrated by our company.
At present, Yiyu has four types of bacterial products: HEM-I nitrification and denitrification, HEM-II broad-spectrum, HEM-III characteristic factor, and exhaust gas deodorization.
    Through continuous research and development, this product can be widely used in various fields such as wastewater treatment, exhaust gas deodorization, solid waste, and soil remediation, especially in the field of wastewater, with huge advantages. It can quickly solve various problems such as COD degradation, ammonia nitrogen degradation, salt tolerance, toxic substance inhibition, sludge bulking, high-temperature inhibition, etc. It has a very wide range of applications, and this technology is absolutely green and safe, without secondary pollutants.

      The products are mainly divided into three types of bacterial products: HEM-I nitrification and denitrification type, HEM-II broad-spectrum type, and HEM-III characteristic factor type. It has been widely used in various treatment fields such as chemical wastewater, exhaust gas, soil remediation, and landfill leachate.