Waste Gas Case
  • BrightGene Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    BrightGene Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. is located in the national economic and chemical park - Taixing City Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. It is committed to the research and development of new drugs, the production and sales of high-end raw materials and intermediates, and has developed into a listed enterprise throughout the entire industry chain.
    Hubei Truevita Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. is a modern and high-level comprehensive pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise with nearly 300 employees, covering an area of 120 acres and a building area of 43000 square meters. It mainly engages in the research and development, production, and sales of chemical raw materials, chemical products, food additives, and feed additives. The first phase of the project produces 1500 tons of carnitine series products annually. The company is located in Sanlifan Town, Luotian County, and is a professional manufacturer of carnitine series products, cardiovascular disease raw materials, and intermediates.
  • Henan Lukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
    The business scope of Henan Lvkang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. includes: technology development, technical services, technology transfer of biological products, production, processing, and sales of chemical intermediates and pesticides. Production and sales of chloroacetaldehyde dimethanol, m-tert butylphenol, 3-hydrazino-4-methoxybenzophenyl hydrochloride, N, N-dimethylaminosulfonyl chloride, 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile, 2,6-difluorobenzamide, 2,6-dichlorobenzaldehyde, 2,6-difluorobenzonitrile, imidazole, fenozide, fenozuron, cyanozazole, diphenylhydrazine ester, and by-product potassium chloride (excluding hazardous chemicals).